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Bejeweled 2 Ios

They no longer keep the somewhat consecutive speed Blitz 1.2 had, making it more relatable to its’ online and PC counterparts. Other than some engine changes, this update also brought in the addition of Boosts. They also somewhat revamped the UI, adding an EULA button that redirects to a PopCap site and added a black translucent background when you pause.

  • I’ve heard Peggle called « digital crack » so many times I didn’t even think twice about the tagline.
  • The music is presented in lower quality, but the full soundtrack from the PC game is present in the game and plays normally throughout the entire game.
  • Collect power-ups that will fall from the sky such as Fireballs, Multi-colored, and Lighting Bolts.
  • This alone might be enough to make me delete the game.

Like Bejeweled 2, it is created by matching 5 or more gems in a row . When a Hypercube is triggered, the screen darkens with only the gems about to be detonated lighting up. Beginning with Blitz, if a Hypercube is in the radius of an explosion of a Flame Gem or Star Gem, it will destroy all the gems of the special gem’s color that caused the explosion.

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Multiplier Gems are also introduced, with a x2 multiplier dropping onto the board once 12 gems are detonated in one move. It drops onto a board with its own color, and once matched, doubles the base point count from that match onward. Further Multiplier Gems require 16 or more gems to be detonated at once to be dropped, with its likelihood of dropping decreasing with every multiplier level. It introduces the Speed Bonus, which is initiated when you make three matches in a three-second period that adds an extra 200 points.

Bejeweled 2 Screenshots And Videos

Collectively known as match three games, these games revolve around the mechanics of creating three-in-a-row combinations of identical pieces. Initially released as a web browser game titled a fantastic read Diamond Mine in 2000, Bejeweled was developed and released as a downloadable PC game in 2001, followed by several sequels and spin-off games. Every time the level is completed, the board will change its appearance.

Bonus Symbols That Trigger The Bonus Features

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The Treasures of Montezuma 3 offers core features such as over 40 Treasure Chests, Twenty-two Trophies, Stunning Visuals, up to 160 Levels, and more. Puzzle mode is a series of preset gem patterns, which you must figure out how to clear in order to move through the mode. There are quite a number of puzzles, and as you progress, new items will be thrown into the mix to complicate gameplay. Endless mode cannot be beaten or failed, and it lets you play hours upon hours of Bejeweled to your heart’s content.

Bejeweled 2 Big Fish Games Release

There is one achievement that can be done easily with just pressing the hint button, but you need to work hard to get the rest. There are no glitched achievements, no cheats, and no online achievements. It is the fourth game of the Bejeweled franchise and initially was available on iOS as part of the Bejeweled 2 iOS application, later on with the standalone iOS application. By completing levels time will decrease like in Action mode, but also cash prize will be bigger when you reach each color pod.

By 2013, PopCap estimates that over 10 billion hours of the game had been played on over 500 million downloaded copies. Destroy enough stones to reach the required level and unlock for the next level. There are many levels for you to pass, each level will have the same number of gems for you to demolish and you must complete the required number of gems demolished to each new level. Power gems – These gems appear to be glowing brightly. When matched, they explode, causing massive point gain. They are formed by matching either four gems in a line, or five gems in two intersecting lines of three (i.e. a cross, a T, or an L).

Playable On

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The game was originally released on November 5, 2004, and has been ported to several platforms following its release, including game consoles, smartphones and in-flight entertainment services. In Classic mode, the playing field consists of 64 sparkling gems that you need to swap, two at a time, in order to create horizontal or vertical rows of the same color. Three-in-a-row is the minimum, four-in-a-row transforms into an explosive Power Gem, and five-in-a-row delivers a Hyper Cube with the power to destroy all gems of one color.