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Photobiomodulation Academy

Welcome to PBM Academy

We Up-Skill Health & Wellness Professionals in the Light Therapy Industry

About us

PBM Academy gathers a team of doctors, chemists, and business experts who share their knowledge in medical & wellness science in general, and in Photobiomodulation Therapy in particular. We offer courses that are constantly enriched with the latest scientific advances in the fields we cover. In addition to this, we offer you the benefit of a community of specialists, whose vocation is to create a place of exchange and emulation around PBM Therapy, on an international scale.

We’ve come together to design the future, where health and wellness professionals connect through high quality community, mentorship, education and products, to improve their practice and create better outcomes for their patients.

Why You Should Join

PBM Academy is the place for:


Grow and share alongside other health & wellness professionals who want to advance their skills, learn the latest and greatest innovations and trends in PBM Therapy field, and uplift one another through the day-to-day operational challenges, while celebrating the triumphs and milestones.


Connect and match up with a team of industry experts to guide you step by step to achieving your professional goals, both technical knowledge and skills, and business operations.


Stay up to date, learn and discuss the latest news, trends and advancements in Light Therapy to guide your clients and patients to achieving their health & wellness goals. The academy is also a place to discuss and learn about a wide array of wellness topics for your own personal well-being. Topics include technical training and business building, and expand into areas such as sleep, fitness, exercise recovery and many more.

PBM Academy Scholarship

We are creating an essential community of health & wellness professionals, via one of the most beautiful non-drug therapeutic strategy of the XXI° century: the Photobiomodulation Therapy! If you are interested by a subscription but still not sure whether you should register, please contact us at :

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